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Mens retreat 4-7 juni 2021

4. juni kl. 10:00 - 7. juni kl. 16:00

DKK 3120

Where are you heading in your life? Is everything progressing smoothly, do you have an idea of where you are going and who you want to become? Is that idea materializing or are you struggling to find direction? Are you going through some significant changes in your relationships and what you value as important?

As men, we can find that a sense of purpose is necessary for a good life. It can give us a feeling that we are growing, learning and therefore that our lives are meaningful.

We will explore different approaches to the meaning of life as a masculine being and how a masculine power can be rooted in a blend of “soft” and “hard” attributes.

That is the focus of this weekend retreat. We will be using a unique combination of techniques to work with your particular purpose in life, as it is meant to manifest in this moment. We will be using group sharings, somatic explorations and mind-body practices for you to get a clearer impression of where you are at in your life.

The answer for meaning in life in each of us is unique so it will be facilitated in a space where head, heart and guts has the possibility to inform each other to deepen your own understanding of what this means to you and what your unique gift is and how you can stay more connected to it, live it and maybe share it.

That is the focus of this weekend retreat. We will be using a unique combination of techniques to work with your particular purpose in life, as it is meant to manifest in this particular moment. We will be using group exercises and mind-body practices for you to get a clear impression of where you are at in your life. We will ask and seek the answer to what happens when head, heart and guts inform each other and work together, so that a truly healthy manhood can arise?

In this retreat you will experience:
– Two Shamanic tea ceremonies
– A Breathwork session
– Purpose workshops
– Integration workshops
– An open loving masculine brotherhood
– Beautiful natural surroundings

If you are at a stage in your life where you feel the need to change, to deepen or get clearer on what you are doing, this retreat is for you.

Your facilitators at this course will be Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen and Bjarne Roursgaard.

Practical information:

Date: Friday 4 June to Monday 7 May
Check in at the venue will be from 1000 to 1130 on the 4 June. It is possible to arrive the day before the event. Just let us know.

In order to prepare for this weekend, you will need to fast for a few days and prepare. We will send out a preparation e-mail with information for you two weeks before the event.

Language: The language of this event is English. If all participants understand Danish fully we will host the retreat in Danish. Translation will be provided if needed.

About the Facilitators:

Bjarne Roursgaard is the founder and owner of Healing Rejser
Read more here:

Dennis Lundtoft Thomsen
Dennis first encountered tantric yoga and meditation 25 years ago and his own spiritual and tantric practice started to deepen 10 years ago.
His teachings are inspired by his own practice, his own continuous trauma release work and experiences in life and mostly focused on guided inquiry based learning through somatic explorations, exercises and meditations.
He has studied with many different well known teachers including Eli Buren, David Deida and not least Michaela Boehm and Steve James. He is also a student of Vækstcenteret where he has focused on meditation, energy work and more in different year long groups.
Dennis is a trained psychodynamic, cognitive and somatic therapist and is studying to be a registered Spiritual Integrative Body and Psychotherapist at the School of Tobias. Privately he has worked as a leader and company director for the last 20 years.


4. juni kl. 10:00
7. juni kl. 16:00
DKK 3120
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CEMaH Retreatcenter
Torphøjvej 1
Give, Kollemorten 7323 Danmark
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