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Female potential and Ayahuasca; Womens retreat 23-25 August 2019

23. august kl. 17:00 - 25. august kl. 16:00

Sted: CEMaH Retreatcenter, Torphøjvej 1
Give, Kollemorten 7323 Danmark
This is an opportunity for all women to experience sisterhood and become (more) familiar with their own inner potential as a woman.
Through various exercises you will get in touch with different energies within yourself – some you might know very well, others might be new for you to discover and explore.

The Ayahuasca Ceremony might open you deeper into this connection with your true authentic self.


  • Who are you as a woman, a mother, lover, friend, colleague, wife, girlfriend, sister…?
  • What is your potential? Where are you holding back in life? Boundaries? Your Yes and your No?


The purpose of this retreat is to give you a chance to get to know your own feminine essence better, and we will provide some tools on how to integrate the impressions from this workshop into your every day life.


Friday 23rd August 17.00: We will meet and have a light meal (soup) and then have an Opening Circle

Check-in will be possible from 16.00.


Saturday 24th August: Mind2Body exercises to get in contact with our bodies and our emotions. They also serve the purpose of joining the group and create a warm, safe and open space. In the evening we will have the Ayahuasca Ceremony.


Sunday 25th August: Opening Circle, integration work and Closing Circle.
Only women will be present at this workshop and the Mind2Body exercises.
However, a couple of male guides will join the Opening Circle, the Ayahuasca Ceremony and the Closing Circle.
Magdalena will facilitate the Ayahuasca Ceremony.
Charlotte Nielsen will facilitate the rest of this workshop.
About the facilitators:
Charlotte is passionate about personal development and about bringing awareness to as many aspects of life as possible.
Since 2014 she has participated in a variety of courses and workshops – mainly within tantra and polarity and been involved with women’s groups.
In 2016 she went through a long process of working with her own “inner children” which has given an awareness that she now shares in every day life.
She is a warm, compassionate, empathic, open-hearted woman with a curious nature and a great sense of humour.
Besides this she practices every day how to balance spirituality with an ordinary down-to-earth lifestyle as an independent woman/mother/partner with a fulltime job.
Charlotte has been a part of Healingrejser’s team since 2017.
Magdalena trusts grace’s profound power to transform any misperception into awareness of the love that we are.
After a near-death experience in 2009, she found herself guided into a relationship with her inner self. Humbled, grateful, and inspired to cooperate with the unity that we are, she surrendered her life in service to the divine.
In 2016, she began her shamanic apprenticeship with Lighttribe in Costa Rica and Noya Kaya in Peru, California, and New York.  In 2017, she completed the advanced shaman initiation course in the Shipibo tradition led by Master Curandero Don Enrique in the Amazon jungle in Peru and began working with Healing Rejser in Denmark.
She is also an architect, nutritional coach, vegan raw-food chef, and evolutionary astrologer, helping to realign the mind with the desires of the soul.



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