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Shamanic weekend 26-29 March 2021 CEMaH

26. marts kl. 11:00 - 29. marts kl. 12:00

DKK 2800

This retreat takes place from Friday to Monday.

We will turn up the Shamanic approach a bit in this retreat, without loosing sight of our therapeutic mission, as the shamanic tea ceremonies will be conducted only with vocal and live music. There will be no recorded music used. The retreat is facilitated by Bjarne Roursgaard together with Eva Schultz and Stepan Weidmann of course assisted by a group of skilled guides. All facilitators have received training from very skilled curanderoes in the jungle of Peru. More about the facilitators below.

The retreat contains

  • A Mind2Body workshop
  • A sweatlodge ceremony
  • Two shamanic tea ceremonies
  • A Breathwork ceremony
  • An integration workshop
  • Various group sharings.

The retreat is conducted in English. We will provide translation into Danish if needed.


About the facilitators:

Eva Schultz

Eva is deeply committed to the path of plant medicine, healing and working with and learning from nature.  She seeks to help people reconnect to mother earth, their inner light/path and the immense love all around and within us.

She is a light being, with a magical ability to channel and work energetically specifically through singing. Eva works shamanistic with plants and study Curanderismo (shamanism) in the Shipibo tradition with Don Rono Lopez in Peru. Furthermore, she studies Nordic shamanism.

Eva has attended an 8-week ”Advance Curandero Initiation Course” in Peru as well as lived and facilitated retreats in the Peruvian jungle together with Don Rono Lopez for Ayahuasca Foundation. She has been leading her own ceremonies since the beginning of 2018.

In August of 2020 she will start facilitating her own 24-days program in Peru, together with her maestro Don Rono Lopez and Stephan. Here they will bring small groups to the jungle two times a year, to work with plant medicine and diet the enlightened tree – Noya Rao.

Ceremonies with Eva are mainly or completely acoustic. Her big talent is through channeling spirit with singing and drumming, thus holding space and leading travelers through deep experiences. She works through icaros (medicine songs in the traditional Shipibo language from the jungle) and other medicine songs in English, Spanish, Danish and Old Nordic.

She is educated as a yoga teacher from India and has a background as a design-engineer.

Stephan Weidmann

Stephan lives in Denmark but originates from Germany. He works shamanistic with plant medicine and facilitates Shamanic tea ceremonies in close line with the Shipibo tradition from the Peruvian Jungle.

Stephan’s mission in his shamanic work is to connect his clients to mother earth and nature. He loves to give support, help and create opportunities for others to dis-cover their own nature, true being and thereby healing.

After his graduation as a shamanic counsellor in 2012 and other trainings in different healing techniques like Reiki, Fogo Sagrado and Theta in the following years, he started his own workshops in drum building, drum journeys, basic shamanism and sweatlodges.

Since his Curandero Initiation Course in 2018 in the Peruvian jungle, plant medicine became an even bigger part of his life. He continued his training by living 6 months in the jungle, together with Eva and Don Rono Lopez – either dieting, or working together facilitating retreats near Iquitos, Peru.

Bjarne Roursgaard




26. marts kl. 11:00
29. marts kl. 12:00
DKK 2800
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CEMaH Retreatcenter
Torphøjvej 1
Give, Kollemorten 7323 Danmark
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Shamanic weekend 26-29 March 2021 CEMaH
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