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Shamanic Sexual Healing 12-15 September 2024, CEMaH

12. september kl. 10:00 - 15. september kl. 16:00


This is a 4 day retreat mixing working with the topic of Sexual Healing by sexual dearmouring, shamanic healing work and Psychotherapy.

The first 2 days of sexual dearmouring will be an introduction to The Gaia Method. We will learn, explore and practice ways to access the body traumas through this method developed over the last 20+ years by Susanne Roursgaard. In Sexual deamouring we will work with dearmouring the sexual parts of the body (Vagina, Penis and Anus), hence the person receiving the dearmouring will be naked.

You must work in pairs during the deamouring, hence we recommend you find a partner to work with and register with. If you cannot do this we will try to find a partner for you to work with.

The first two days we will open your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies up for deeper contact to that which wishes to be opened up during the retreat and ceremonial work.

On the third day we will carry out a shamanic tea ceremony in which we will travel into the transpersonal field to explore our inner systems and heal from within,

On the fourth day we will carry our a shamanic breathwork session followed by and integration workshop.

We will set a sacred and safe container using ancient ceremonial shamanic practises and modern body-oriented modalities and look into body and emotional boundaries

The Gaia Method is a “soft touch” de-armouring technique, bringing loving attention to areas of tension, not forcing through armor with brute force but inviting the body to open up. With the soft technique you will experience hands-on practice, both as a receiver and giver, in releasing suppressed emotional and energetic trauma, tension, blockages and pain from the female and male sexual fields.

All this in a healthy, loving and safe way.

The Gaia Method® is a modality working holistically with body-oriented therapy to facilitate contact to ones inner truth. To help shed the layers and trauma that prevent you from that inner connection. It is based on a mix of ancient traditions and practices, modern science and medical knowledge, trauma- and Psychotherapy.

Within that container providing deep healing, we will also have the experience of the deep healing power of a shamanic tea ceremony on the third day of the retreat.

By bringing together ancient and modern ways of healing, Susanne and Bjarne will provide you with a profound, sacred, safe ceremonial container for your healing.

On the last day of the retreat we will work with integrating the whole experience.

Susanne Roursgaard and Bjarne Roursgaard


12. september kl. 10:00
15. september kl. 16:00
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CEMaH Retreatcenter
Torphøjvej 1
Give, Kollemorten 7323 Danmark
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Shamanic Sexual Healing 12-15 September 2024, CEMaH
Accomodation is two person huts, group room or your own brought alternative (tent/camper etc)
4.700,00 kr. 4.700 kr.
Inkl. 1.000 kr. i tilmeldingsgebyr, som hæves med det samme og ikke kan refunderes. Ekskl. 1.300 kr. til CEMaH, som betales ved ankomst.
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